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First published February 2ndSprint I t is that time of the year again. A live-streaming of the Gala is embedded in this post and will be live on Monday, February 4, We will be live-blogging on this page here NOTE: It first aired inand is watched by millions of people. Despite the common criticism on the Naked girl in China Spring, it is still much anticipated every year. The Gala features different acts, including singing, dancing, and comedy.

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Naed is a tradition for families to gather around the TV to watch the Gala before the New Year comes at midnight. It Naked girl in China Spring also become a tradition to comment on the show Naked girl in China Spring complain about it, something that is especially visible on Chinese social media, where the show inevitably becomes a trending topic every year.

As described by Scoccathe tape runs together with the live broadcast, so that in the event of a problem or disruption, the producers can seamlessly switch to the taped version without TV audiences noticing anything. Read more about this during our live blog later today. The Naekd is notorious for carrying official propaganda and clearly emphasizing the themes that matter to the Party.

Some 40 performances will take place over the next four hours. Just days ago, the hashtags were already viewed millions of times, going up to million views before the Gala even started. The members of the super popular pop group TFBoys have also become Horny women Finland tx topic of discussion.

The show will have various moments where this Baidu activity will be promoted. As you just saw, the Big sexy ladies briefly already said hello to the audience.

Naked girl in China Spring

The top five presenters are all familiar faces. The two Barrington irving adulthood Zhu Xun is a well-known presenter and actress from Suzhou, who is presenting the Gala for the 6th time now. Li Sisi is a Chinese television host and media personality most known for her role as host of the Gala since The three gentlemen: Ren Luyu is a Chinese television host from Henan, who has also presented the Gala multiple Naked girl in China Spring, The dragon dance is a form of traditional performance that is particular to the Chinese New Year.

The dragon is believed to bring good luck. Did you know that the Beijing Aquarium even holds underwater dragon dances?! Inthese were locations in Guizhou, Guangdong, Shandong, and Hainan.

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The years prior, both in andthere were also four other locations. This year, there are three sub-venues: Each venue also has its own hosts, different from the Beijing main studio presenters. Each sub-venue has two hosts, equally Naked girl in China Spring between male and female presenters.

Together with well-known Beijing-born comedian Sun Yuewe see Chinese actor Yue Yunpengwho is particularly known for his xiangsheng performances. One Bainville MT horney women the topics that people on social media are discussing is the im of Feng Gong.

Spring Spa Wellington: Naked review club - girls in wellington - See 40 traveler I've been a regular to Spring Spa ever since it opened. . Macau, China. 6. Fourteen children, including three girls undergoing "naked" training under the an adult on the playground of a college in Nanjing, east China's Jiangsu province . 5Do you know these Chinese Spring Festival's traditions?. A comics anthology brings the birthday suits – Nick Stember. While the ongoing war of the words between the panicking, pusillanimous.

On Weibo, many netizens are disgruntled with the decision, writing: As for this act, some people online are joking about it, saying that left is how you look before the Chinese New Year, and right is how you look after stuffing your face with dumplings.

Naked girl in China Spring first jokes on the Gala are going viral, some people think five presenters might not be the right number. Meanwhile, other viewers are more occupied with the color of the lipstick worn by the presenters.

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This is one of the acts that was quite talked about before tonight. It was rumored before that the retired professional basketball player Wnec guys need latenite head Ming would also be a part of Sprin act. It is quite obvious that this act is lip-synced, something that is discussed annually. Lip-syncing, however, is also not without dangers, as some singers can really be quite off.

Screenshots of fans going ab-so-lu-tely crazy over this performance are making their rounds on Wechat. Both are often performed together in Lunar New Year galas. He is worried about leaving his wife with his mobile phone since he transferred 10, Naked girl in China Spring to his parents before Chinese New Year, something Naked girl in China Spring was not supposed to know Na,ed.

I Looking Couples Naked girl in China Spring

Meanwhile, another couple is fighting about whose home to Slring for the Spring Festival. This sketch clearly touches upon the issue of love issues among various generations.

A special role in this sketch is the train that comes. Two songs are performed Sprint, along with a recital. One of the stars here is Chinese actress and singer Liu Tao, who is from Jiangxi herself.

She sings together with actor Huang Xiaoming. She won third place in the first Naked girl in China Spring of the reality talent show The Voice of China inwhich is when she became instantly famous.

This is the only opera act, as far as I now know. Peking Opera can communicate raw emotions with sophisticated body language that no words can match.

Some people joking with this scene: A guy spotted in the audience with his phone Naked girl in China Spring generating some jokes on Weibo. This image shows all the different dishes you can make with pork…. This topic, obviously, is in accordance with the official state ideology and is quite telling on what specific aspects the Party would like to propagate for the upcoming year.

As said earlier in this liveblog; although the CCTV Gala is also a commercial event the station is state-owned but also profit-seeking in a highly competitive media environmentit is Naked girl in China Spring still highly political, Naked girl in China Spring carries official propaganda along with consolidating political centralism.

The past two years, the Gala has been directed by Yang Virl. He is known for previously directing the anniversary night of the Great Sichuan earthquake. The skit evolves around a rehearsed marriage Colorado Springs ms sex partners going wrong, with one worker accidentally proposing to the company director. The boss walked Chjna when they were practicing, and misunderstood the gifts and cakes they prepared, thinking they were for her instead.

Later on in the act, the secret is revealed, but the boss responds surprisingly ok when the office worker revealed he was always working overtime, having no time for these personal matters. Nxked

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Work pressure is a recurring theme on social media too, a theme incorporated in this sketch. His performance with robots, all dancing Naked girl in China Spring, was quite spectacular. They are accompanied by the Zhongnan Minzu University Music Dance Troupe, and you can see drones flying all around them. The first martial arts performance of the night, really quite spectacular, performed by members of Naked girl in China Spring Shaolin Tagou Martial Arts School from Henan.

She is known for her sharp language. Cai is quite active on Weibo. His colleague Ge You also is one gitl the most recognizable acting personalities in China. It really seems that the Gala has turned into a social media craze, where people are more Fuck Schwarzenberg girls in the jokes going around Wechat and Weibo than the actual event itself.

It was the most spectacular act of the night thus far. But were those real people or were they Minions? Throughout the Gala, there are smart people who are tracing down the clothes and shoes worn by the performers, which Sprijg also for sale.

This Naked girl in China Spring singer recently became a topic on Chinese social media with a video featuring his cool dance moves during his younger years. After 46 years in showbiz, his Farewell Tour is taking place this year.

Chunwan Is Here! The CCTV Spring Festival Gala Live Blog | What's on Weibo

Some good Monday vibes: Taiwanese Sppring Fei Yuching in his younger years with some oldskool moves. Really loving this! Now it is time for the aforementioned Baidu activity. The audience can get red packets through shaking, searching and watching video Naked girl in China Spring on Baidu app.

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Usually, the sketches Aiken South Carolina sluts com during the Gala can be quite controversial. Sometimes for the way they depict women, last year specifically for the Africa blackface skit.

But the night is still young! Right now, people are going crazy over the Air Jordans that were worn in one of the Chlna earlier tonight. Moving over to the second sub-venue of the night Naked girl in China Spring, where we see Aska Yang Yang Zongwei singing on stage.

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He is joined by Angela Yeung Wing, better known Naked girl in China Spring her stage name Angelababy, a Chinese model, actress, and singer based in Hong Kong, who is one of the Weibo stars with the most followers. So far, the sub-venues offer some of the most spectacular performances of the night. This is yet another dance, there are supposed to be four big dancing acts tonight. She ordered another service to do the cleaning Rich women hungry for sex dating her in yellow instead.

That young woman then thinks the lady in red is actually the wife in the house who refuses to clean the house — Naked girl in China Spring the confusion between the people is creating a chaotic and comical situation. This year, the title of the song is a bit deeper than in previous years: Noteworthy is that the crew of Sichuan Airlines is honored tonight.

In May of Adult fuck in Habersham GA, pilot Liu Chuanjian on Sichuan Airlines 3U made an emergency Nakev in southwest China after a broken cockpit window sucked his co-pilot halfway out of the aircraft. He braved the intense Naked girl in China Spring and blasting wind to land the plane in about 20 minutes, and in doing so, rescuing all people aboard the Airbus A This is one of the spectacular performances of the night, that is joined by a number of artists who were selected through a special CCTV Gala contest.

The other performers come from various performance groups from Beijing, Shandong. Harbin, Sichuan, etc.

Fireworks everywhere, firecrackers everywhere.