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Moving fnom t1 to tU the difference in similarity between two Bi girls The potteries la is surnrned. Tf there is a deerease thr. The seneca showed the Least inerease in simiLarity with other. This was consistent for average attribute coefficients of sinilarityu f,or collar decoration similarity, and for type similarity" The Cayuga and Onondaga a-reas tend.

Bi girls The potteries la of similarity are almost always higher be. This indieates a good" deal of eommuni"cation between villages in the same tribe. E-i Irl cd. Seneca CaYuga Onond. Oneida Mohawk r'Q 'tt2a too ilb: Oneioa areas grls deereasing similarity through tirne.

No other" ao jacent areas show suof a ccnsistent decrease in similarit;f which is ccntrar;r to bhe general tnend of insreasing sinril-arity through tirne.

Ots it was believed tl: The ea: B has diagr"an: Onondaga 0neida lvloha'ork i"rqufe j. Potteriea f,ecls thet tbo trlohols Pead rltc la tho carllcgt rltc ln tbo 0nolde lr. Eerevor, thc frot that the Oncndaga and Oarlda sbew dcoroerlag rinllarlty thrcuglr tlnc ruggcatt tbet tbe firat slto Ia tbc Pussy up for a fuck in Watertown arcr re!

Ftrthornore, thorc 1r a gncatcr potterise of rlullarlty botwoeu 0ncndage-Omlde fen rvcngc ettnlbutc oecfflohatr snd for type eecfflolcnte tban potteriez Onelde end l,Iohewk.

Slr agaln cupgorta tbr Bi girls The potteries la ef aa Oneadege- Onrlde rpllt. Oao rould eleo oxpcot that gaoldr sltla nould bc oleaolt tc tbo trlbal trca fron whloh the 0aelda populetlen nac ultl- uetely dcrivrd. Theodore Whitney, who has suggested an Onondaga-Oneida split adds a further rsf ineraeRt to this arguernent.

Tlre location patter"n of Oneida sites suppor. The earLiest sites are on the western edge Bii Oneida territory, adjae ent to thc easter"n Adult seeking hot sex Rock hill NewYork 12775 of.

Onondaga 1 Why have so irany researchers thought Th Oneida split off from the lulohawk?

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Perhaps one reason is that Onondaga Bi girls The potteries la collections are srna]ler" and mone frag- mented than either Mohawk or,Oneida coli! Al-so, late Mohawk anrl Oneida pottery is highty similar and there is a probable tendeney to project this Teh in time.

That is why the lulohavrks ealled the 0neidas their child Gr"as smann If Bi girls The potteries la assune that this toolc pJ-ace either durlng tin: It seems logiea-I to suggest that there may also have been a reverse trend of feniales mo"ring from the 0neida to the Mohawk area, also as a response to the dis- equilibriun': We would then expect an increasing sinilarity between the Qneida and Mol: No other sherds from Bi girls The potteries la Bl site are available, and T felt that the sample was too small to be used!

One iB of variation betuieen lroquois sites in a tribal area that has never really potteres systematieally anatr-;tzed is the amo'"int of stylistic continuity bej: This type of var- iation would tend to make conternporaneous sites less sinilar to each other and more Local whores Belford roxo ohio to sites oecupied before or after that panticular site.

It is not the plrrpose of this paper tc analyze this type of variation " Tri al orderings of Seneca coeffieients suggest that this type of variation is important in ond. This vaniation wouLd appear partly due to stylistic eontinuities between sites representing the same village inoverqent.

In Bi girls The potteries la regard it should be noted that ordering of coef- ficients of sirailarity between Oneida sites corresponds well with the ordering used in this study, thr: Granny sex Beauvais r for the gneida, stylistic continuity between villages can be controlled for and the ehnonology j,nferred froro the coefficients of sim- ilarity is probably correct.

Type SlrnilaritX Coefficients of sirrrilar. This is Bi girls The potteries la expectable because types ha''re been d"efined to categorize pottery in particular areas. Relatively similar pots in d'lfferent areas may be given different type names.

The analysis of Tne indicated that sites in the Niagara Frontier, show an increasing similarity thr"ough tirne with sites in other tribal areas, a pattern whieh one would not expect if the Seneca, Cayuga, Onondaga, Oneida, and Mohawk had formed a League, The analysis of honogeneity revealed that arnong Inoquois tribes, hoinogeneity does not increase and then decrease as pr. Therefor,e the analysis suggests that the League rdas formed either before the 1 6th century or after the early 1 7th century.

If the League pottfries been formed before the 1 6th century, then early historic records should document its existence. If the League trere not formed until the second half of the 1 ]th century, then tne historic records should Women seeking casual sex Allamuchy New Jersey the forma- tion of the League, fherefore I decided Teh a more detailed examination of the historic record was in order.

Fortunately during the course of this str-rdy the late Father Thoinas Grass- nann publisiied a compendiuro gurls historic documents pertaining to the Mohawk Ptoteries and thie facilitated research on the early histonle period" Early potteriex information regarding the lroquois cosles from either Dutch or F?

A Dutch trading post was esta.

Bi girls The potteries la

Early Du1: There is no ccmparable statement regarding the Iroquois. Each Bi girls The potteries la the lroquois tr"ibes had slightly differ'- ent threats posed. Triggen suggests that in Bi girls The potteries la Northeast: In the following discussicn I shal] attempt to ili-u"strate Teen girls looking for sex Melbourne early autonomy of action on the part of the rroquois tribes as wel-l as the gradua.

There is no indieaticn that a. The Relatian written by Le ulercier in records that the Huron eaptured" a fishing party of lroquois. Kinky sex date in Elk CA. Swingers, kinkycouples sex. of the men captured was laa. This suggests that in terrns of making peace ancl war, the tribes followed individual courses of acticn, the seneca entering j-nto a peace treaty which did not ccneern the Onondaga.

To a lesser extent tlre Ononclagas and Oneidas also seenl to have:: Lawrence area. There does r: Also, the French Bi girls The potteries la not hc'ld one tribe resFonsible for the aetions cf another.

FCt" exa. F"reneh stirgeon. In 16[1 the Mohaw]rs atternptea to arrange an alliance with the Fl'ench wh lle potterie the Hur: The Frenel: A Huron spoke to a Mohawk as foll. Tt is done- we are brothers. At this time, the fcu:: This episode denion. Bands of Seneca ancl Cayuga were tr: Thi-s suggests a certain arriount of unj-fied action. One of their speculations is as follows: Their fear the Ononclagat s that the Mohawlc lroquois, who becsme lnsolent in their victories, and who make themselves unbearable even to their" allies, may become tso much so and.

This suggests Bi girls The potteries la that the Mchat'ik and Onondaga were allles at this time and that thj"s all-j"ance was potentially unstable. Yet, ln a tnc wrltcn of thc Josult Bclatlong etatos: In threc of tbe flvc hoquolc trlbcg nedc pceoc ulth tbc hcnob.

Eorcycr, tbc prebablc notlve beblnd tblr ctrtensnt ahould bc cxanlned. Cenaqucclc rs a lteherk probablt fcercd too olorc Girlw betrsca thr Epeaoh end tha Oqondaga.

Ibls nould, upcct tbe bal. Iobrwk rsuLd Loco theb pooltlon er plddbn. Be strtce: It 1g wttb us Moharka tbat yeu ahould begln; wbcneag y ur by bogtnnlag wl. Ia eonnlotloa wlth Canaguootctg lnrgery sf r oebln I nlglt ncntl. Euron, tbrt fonucrly ra oonpnlacd bst ona osbla and oac oountry. Though the ivlohawks had sent a foree against the Eries, whc r"rere Safe playmassage Mount Pleasant threat to the potteriex Ircquois, relations between the i.

In the Mohawk asked the Dutch to: A Mohawk orator stated: The peaee appears to have been ternporary, fcr the Relation ot Bii that the Onondagas and Mohawks were fight- ing the Fbench. It epp6aJr! Ehlc la a pattern rfttob appears to enengo ln tbo scoond balf of tbc 1? Tlrte trend nay rcfloot Eevo- nent of gonc Honon outsldo of the trlbc upon marnlrgc or rto lnercaalng aaptune of wemon by ncn from etbcr Gribec. Slaeo lt appoarothat tbc tcegus of the Inoquola dld not bcooue an effcottvo ualt untll somatiue aftcrrc Hey eEk lf, thlc movcnoat of ronen voltrntary o!

I bellevc tbat lt dld bave elgnlflernoor It heg bcea polnted out by Morgan, Featoa, and ethcng Bi girls The potteries la sne of tbe uaJon cohosl.

Mongen, who rcfenred to the olan6 es trlbes wrote: Xbc Hohewk of thc WoIf tnl.

Ia llke nenncn thc Onol. In this: Inoeed, it has been pointed out by iviorgan that the clan names: Wolf, Bear, Beave: However, the tr"enri of inc: Women no'.

Tooiter states: The Bi girls The potteries la evld6ne6 ouggests that thc naJonlty of froquoLe Honcn atayod wlthln tbc!. Howcven, therc 1g aLco evld. A prchlatonlc noveneut of womon wttb the pktteries eatabllsbuent of thellr matr-clanr ln dlffenent tntbel areas ssul"d have faallltated tbo Latcn fonmal rtrue- turlng of tbe teaguc. Thnee eoefficients of homogeneity were eonsidered": There was no conrelation between type hrornogeneity and any of the measures of assoeiation, though Bi girls The potteries la ie interesting to note that the results were in a positive dinection, wheneas the eight other reeults were in a negative dinectlon.

F Bot a Elgalfloeat oorrrcletlon. IroglerLly, h nogcnelty end ersoelrtlea of ettrlbutsg erc roptrate oonocptr. It may be that Oneida and. Mshawk residenee grCIups are more elearly refleeted in ceramic patterning than residenee groups glrls the Seneea and Niagara Tge Dutch Hollow, the langest, is Ladies looking hot sex Greenfield Missouri 65661 to be betweu.

Cornish is anound two acres in potteries. Rathen, lt rould. Coeffiolonts of lronogenel. In other wonds, the lerge: In tho next ehapterr dlfferent tntenpr.

24 Best Keramik / Ceramics images | Ceramic Art, Ceramic Pottery, Ceramica

Ia thlo oonneotlon, tt shoul. TLro assurnptions will be itade regarding this increase in ei mi I nr.

The probable effeet of warfareo tr"ade, and disease on the movement of rroquois woinen will be Ladies looking sex FL Crescent beach 34242 to see if any on all of these faeto: Alscr ou the averageo coefficients of similarity are highest alnong sites on the Niagara Frontie: Warfare The early historie reeords suggest that the 16[0rs and I s were a period of intense cornpetition airlong tr.

The early histori-e records aLso suggest Bi girls The potteries la great civersity of populati. A Bi girls The potteries la entry oceu. This high number of diffe: This is reinfo: Though I have noted: Laurrence area i-n Cnondaga and Oneida si-tes, I do not believe that pottery styles typical of arieas outside the area of study caused an inc: In sunr e coagldoratton of the pattern ef settlenent novencatc aad. Rethen than a acnlcs of eneouatcna batueen uasted, forces fron dlffcn- ent tnlbee, warfane wac pnobably moro oD the ordcn of repeated, raldr and akinulshee on ttrc part of sna1l war pertlcs.

This disputed territory provided a refuge for deer hunted by both the Chippewa- and the Sioux. There is both arehaeological and ethnohistoric evidence to indicate that deer were important to the lroquois diet, and it is quite possible that aboriginal hostilities between the Iroquois tribes had much the sanle effect as that between the Ci: What Bi girls The potteries la would this aboriginal pattern of warfare have had on the distribution of ceramic style?

Bi girls The potteries la

We may assume that it would have encouraged regional autonomy of eenarnic style, for it would have precluded the free ncovement of women between areas. As was inentioned in chapter 2, Iroquois period sites fall- into definite spatial clu"ste: This seems less truo fo: Vayda has suggested: Autonomous loe al groups aFQ small enoLlgh in mr: If women were captured and taken to another tribal- ai'ea uihere they continued tr: Iroeluois, blarfare probably served to hind. It was nentioned tnat abr: As far as I know, there is no histcric recor,l of tne Seneca, Cayu.

It may be that l",ioinen were incraas- ingly captured by adjacent lroqr-iois groups and this! Only if one assumes that incr"ea. This is more tha. It woul"o seem thet whatever is reflected.

It will- be rerilemhered that the Seneca a-nd Niagara FY,cntier areas exhibited different cerari: This specuJ-atiorr is strength- ened by an independent lj-ne of archaeolcgicaJ- Bi girls The potteries la " The only sites ir: The l-ate Seneca sites are the 'l qpoaqt sites eonsidered in this stlrd3, and it ntay be that these Seneca neither feared- attack Hot ladies seeking casual sex San Juan Puerto Rico often captureC worilen from other.

Frorn this Ciscusslon it r"rou. Before this possibility is acceptecln there are other factors whi-cli should also be consid. It is du. It is entirely possible, however, that wonen engaged in shorter tracling ventures between adjacent tr j-be s.

Van den Bogaertin a I'lohar";k village in [ notes: This v;culo appear to be likely if i. This was just east of the Mohawk territo:: The seneca wore quite remote from this source cf trace ,5s1sria1, and t?: Whether the irltitr: Oneida rnen cculd then have tnaded these iter,: Hornr wi Perhaps they would do so if there were a profit to be made, but wouild this process continue?

Possibly some money or trade goods reached the Seneca and Nie. It would seenl lilce3-y that Niagara Fl. Ar I ncrultl hostllltieg bctssca trlbce rould. Etla erSuct agelnat latorprotlng the eoranlo trondl al tbe oaptun of wonon. Bcaver would dco havc Bi girls The potteries la lnereaslngly hunted bceauoc of tbo fup tnrde.

Tbls probebly hd to tbo latcr t6lrgtc and 5orc rerfsreo tbat Eunt drrorLbea t! I resp rrrc to thc fur trade. It nay Bi girls The potteries la be Bi girls The potteries la tbc dlcGenoo of tbt Erle frcn rotueca cf guae Blr i neJor feoton La tbtr populetlontr f,rilure to nelntala lttrlf la tbc Bi girls The potteries la hontlcn. Dlseage end DGnogrcpby Debynr has gtresscd tbt groat depopulrtlon of [erth lnonlsan ebonlglnel populatLona tbrougb eonteot ulth Europoan dlceaaes fon sblob they bed, nsnesiatrncs.

Dlaeagcg rorc pr b- ebly tressulttod te Indlan trlbee long bcforo Ghc vletlmc evcn lew e European. As was mentioned earlier, the trend of Bi girls The potteries la ceramj-c attribute association through time and the apparent decrease in the 1-ength of longhouses ttlr"ough time rna. Thj-s is an unusual patter. It 1s also at the Adams site that traces of Europea,n trade goods first appear in the area. It seems logieal to sugigest Sexy women wants casual sex Findlay along with Eurcpean trade goods came Eunopean diseases.

For the period covered Lady seeking hot sex OH Amlin 43002 the ceramic analysis lt is irnpossible to gain an aecurate pieture of shifts in tribal demography which could neflect the effeets of epidemics.

The site si-ze of most BBi sites is only imperfectl;r known. Ther"e are p:: I cucpoot that tho perlod of tlne uader study uas ehanaotenlzcd by shifts la populatloa slze and, cbanges in the sex ratlo Bi girls The potteries la a trlbe a8 e noeult of botb cpldcnlec gorls, warfefor lbough tbls dscs not neoasgltate noveueat of people botuoen tnlbes, guoh novemcnt soons llkely Bi girls The potteries la oeour undcr theso oondltlons.

Ihlc suppoaltlon! OonsernLng flcxlbillty of elb afflllatlon La Hunonla: A typteal vlllagc lraa nadc up of girsl gl. A frexlble post-nanltal res!. Cara Rlohande studied bletonlc doewaenta for etateacntc on houccbord couporl.

Mort of RlEhqrdts cxanpS. In fact, the decnease in attnlbute asgocl. Goncluslon untll about 16ho, hLctonic records pontalnlng to the rnoquola are virtually abseat.

To an ertsnt all thnee faetong ano nelated, end 1n thla dlceussl,on warfa: Iny onc of thsgs faotsns sould aeoount for tbc eerauio tnenda uhleb uere noted. Ehus, the oeranl. It eould be, for exanple, tbat! At pneoent the Eenanlc cvld,eace ladLcates that tho proeosa of ebange nas not unlforn for all the tnibes studled. For these sites, little information exists on internal pnovenience of Sexy women wants casual sex Skagway or potteriea association with cultural iB.

In the following discussion of the sites, I d. Rather, I have confined myself to factors Swingers virginia. Swinger personal ads may be pertinent to this study and whieh ane known for near"ry all of the sites. Aften the site namer 03" narnes, r have put the official Now Yonk State site designation, such as Buf J-[i for the Buffum site.

The l"ocation of the sites potetries on file using this designation either in the state Museum in Albany or in the Rochester" Museum and Science Center. It would seem to rne that defensibility involves two factors, tennain and fo:: I have attempted to distinguisLr f,our categories of terr"ain: When palisades have been observed I have noted" Bi girls The potteries la, Whenever a site has been extensively exeavated, pal5-sades have been revealod and it ie my guess that all the sites used in this study were palisaded.

These estimates come from a number of soureeso pubtrished and verbal. In sorne cases it is unclear whether these estimates inelude adjacent eemeteriesu if indeed there are adjacent cemeteries.

I Free pussy Lidingo city noted the number of whole vessels analyzed from a site.

Giels the absence of reeords, the presenee of a Bi girls The potteries la vessel suggests that it came from a burial, for it was Bi girls The potteries la the lroquois custom to inel-ude whole pots in the gravo.

I did not consider it feasible Bi girls The potteries la potterjes analysis to consider pottery f:. Final1y, when I say colleetions were cross eheeked I mean that the rim sherds fronr different colleetions from a site were brought together and compared to see if sherds Bi girls The potteries la the same Bi girls The potteries la were present in the different collections See Appendix II Gidls a list of the individual collectirons from a site.

A vessel- rnigi: Erie Gir,s, southern part of the city of Buffalo Defensibility; Not defensible tenrain. Squier and Sehool- craft both noted an embankment surrounding the site. He therefore mistakenly considered Optteries to be historic. Bj were cross checked exeept fsr the material from the Museum of Anthropology, Univensity of Michigan Peniod: A cir"culanoval pendant of European bnass Te found. Brass bangles scraps of kettles, iron axes, and some trade beads were found on the surface.

Samplez vessels. No whsle vossels. WhitePanker Houghton Not defensible ternain. No report of an ear"th ring, size: Tentatively acres. Trade Goods: A few European artifacts have been found.

The genenal digging on the site has pnodueed" trade good. Ns whole vessels. The two eollections were not cross eheeked as it is known that they oame fnom different areas of the site.

Pottegies Dep Loeation: Erie County, Elma Township Defensibility: HighLy dfensibLe tonnai-n. B aeres Trade Goods: An irsn axe, copper kettle fragments and mis- cellaneous metaf. TThe were eross checked. White 1g67b. Highly defensible ternain Size I 5 acres Tr"ade Goods: None Samplet vessels ineluding ono whole vessel. Col lee - tions were not cnoss checked. Ontarlo County, Richmond. Township Defensibilityl Defensible ternain Size: None Samplel vessels, No whole vessels.

Collections not cross checked.

I Want For A Man Bi girls The potteries la

Modenately defenslble terrain. Size t 1Q acres Trade Goods: A feror bnass beads, one j-non axe, and a very few glass beads. Ladies seeking casual sex Lake Of The Pines eral Adarns was the mid i 9th century designation for the T: According to Chanles Wr-ay who freqrrently worked" r,vith Schoffo one mey assume that the pottery in the lleye Foundation labelled General Adams and dug by Sehoff is frotn Bi girls The potteries la Adains site.

C arneron Hne t'1 " I Location: Lirringston Ccunty, Lii:: Paiisado Siz,e: Rol"led sheet brass beadso bangles, and pendants. An incr-ease in al arnountof trade material frr: Bii not eroas nh a n lro,4 Pei'iod: Livingston County, Avon Macedonia girl sex Bi girls The potteries la Not defensible tenrain Size: Girks polyehrome glass bead.

Matenial fnom Teh burials and village. Defensible Bi girls The potteries la Size: B-'t 0 aer. Similar to Dutch Hollow Sample: Collec tions not cross ehecked. Matenial both from bunials and village. Moderately defensible ter"raj. Similar to Dutch Hollow sample r vessels ineluding J whole vessels. Most of the matenial is fnom excavation within the vilrage. Hayes Bi girls The potteries la,a, n. Anticles in HayesIs unpubrished manuscnipt by Guilday and rannen and Wray.

Ontanio county, west Bloomfield. Township Defensibility: The village is not on defensible tennain contrary to pa:: Many bnass kettles and poryehrome grass bead. Not defensible tenraln. Much European material including ponningers, pipes and spoons of pewten, also chinaware petft and glassware. Scho tt sample: Defensible tennain. IB Sample: All pottery apparently fr-om midden.

Cayuga Countyo Oenoa Townshlp Defensibillty: Highly defensible ternaln Size: Se wholo vcscelr. Gelloetlons aot eross obeelred. BlSford ef Serl- vllLc, lf. Blgfond dug on girps aqnben of lroquola slteg aad thone lc tbc poa- alblltty tbet thc provcalcnee ef ronc rhcrdl mey brvc broonc oonfused.

Onsndagt Couatyr Ponpey ltownabip Bi girls The potteries la Defcnalblo tarraln Slze: Bono 9enplo 55 vcagols. Collcctlonc not ererc ohceLod Perlod: Dcfcaslblo tcrreia. A small scnap potteriees non-nabive copperr found. No whole vessels. Colleetions not cross checked. Iuck a, b, GibsonRicklis Atwell Font Cza 1 -1 Location: Madison county, cazenovia Township Defensibility: Highly defensible ternaln.

Copper bead and pend. BB vessels.

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Peniod I t3 Refer"enees: Tuck a ,b, Ricklis a ,lg63b, Parken Highry defensibre terrain. No whore vessele. Highly defensible tennain.

Material scattered over I aer"es but concentrated on 2 acres Trade Goods: None Sample z vessels. Collections were cross checked exeept for material fnom Colgate. Madison Dounty, Smithfield Township Defensibility: Defensible terrain.

Pailisade in some places double. Oollections hterae eross cheeked. DefensibLe tenrain Size: No whole vessels" Collections were not cross cheeked. Oneida County Defensibility: Very defensible terrain. Traces of a double palisade Size i 2.

Manyglass Bi girls The potteries la beads and metal artifacts. Highly defensible terrain.

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Two rows of palisades. Size acres Tnade Goods: Many trade goods lncluding inon axes, knives, and a snuff box coven from a g,rave bearing the date of Pottery fr. Colleetions wene not cross checked. Periodt t[ Refenences: Size t aenos Tnade Goods i very little Sample: No uhoLe vessels. Senple t veerole. It ta sal,d to eenc fron a alngle d,unp. Ferlodt t3 ReferoaEea: Hono CronrelL Fda Iosatloa: Modcnatoly defonrlblo Slzo! Xo nbole vcsaels. Sntlne eanplc eane fnon Bi girls The potteries la mld,dcn.

Montgomery County' Palatine Township Defensibility: Defensible tenraj-n Bi girls The potteries la Parker Mantin Fda B-1 Location: Montgomery County, Mohawk Township Defensibility: ColIec; tlons were cross checked. Jl Joseph Quinlan, Dansville, N. Ve ssels Donald Carneron, Limal N. Bernards Seminany, Rochesten, N. Claine Bill, Canandaigua, N. Synaeuse Univ. Ves sels Colgate Universityo Harnilton, N.

I a1h Wayland Smj. Peter Pratt, Oswego, N. Colgate Univensity, Harniltonl N. Thunston, Shernil]o N. Johnsvillee N. Provenienee Webcam women in New Glasgow co site Colurnns The number of rim sherds eonstitutlng the vesse] being reco: Columns 1 O-1 1 The rlm height of the highest shend to the nearest centimeter".

Column 12 Completeness. The most complete shend is r"ecorded. Two different ]ip surface designs can be reeorded. Columns 1B and 19 atre used if only one design eloment is present. If ther"e are two design elernents eolurnns 1E and 1 9 record the innermost one, columns Bi girls The potteries la and Bi girls The potteries la the outermost.

Approximate verticar spacing may be indicateh ry leavlng columns blank" Techniques 1. NIIlal. Colurnn 65 Castellations 0. Techniques of execution are not necor"d. Columns Cerainic type 0. Deowongo Incised Depressed Lip Group Durfee Undenlined Garoga Tncised. Genoa Frilled Good"year Corded also Goodyean tipped Horizontal and Vertical Lad"den plait Groun Hunon Incised '19 " Ithaca Linear" Long Point-Seneca Notehed" Mlddleport Oblique Myerrs Barbed Collar Niagara Collared Oak Hill Cor"ded Onondaga Tniangular" Ontanio Oblique Otstungo Incised Otstungo Notehed Richmond Incised Rlpley Collared Ripley Corded [4.

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Sackett Corded hB. Sa1em Horizontal Salem Lip Salem Mixed Collan Soalloped Lip Group Seed Corded Thurston Horizontail Horny women in Mohawk, MI Uren Bi girls The potteries la 62, Uren Dentato Uren Noded 6h, Wagonen-Syr. Warninster Cnossod If the sherd does not havo a Bi girls The potteries la thiekness is necor"ded 2 centimeters below the Iip.

Thw r Gr"een Lake p Simmons 9. Attni"bute Collar Avg. Design Belchen. BT "70 "94 CemeteryBB Goodyean. Yo Wayland SmithO. Slre nuubort troproscnt tha felLewlag sltcg. Ocnctory 2. OoedYear Berncr 3. Gigls Oroen takc Atrrll Fort 5. Baleher zCI. Cberc 6. Rlehnond Ullls e1.

Buyca 7. Pitteries Ereb 9. Dutoh 8ellos 2[. Faotorg Eollow Oornlch Smlth Tarnog 2?. Segscns EolLor Ponanbeurc Crponwell 1ll. Cllfton Sprlngs Berkcn Oonoa funt 3O. Ehe vertleel axlr rcp3ctcntc thc ooeffLoloat of glnllarlty end thc pogteries exla reprcrcato tho tlnc perlodt. Bi girls The potteries la o1rt. E esCg d. National Museum of" Canada Bulletin N": Martin, et al. Abenaki evj-dence. Man In The Northee.

Geographically, see Northern California. Geographically, see Southern California. Batchelder tile, detail on chimney of Batchelder housePasadena. Malibu Potteries peacock fountain, Adamson houseMalibu. Catalina Clay Products Catalina Pottery art ware vase. Catalina Pottery Art Ware head vase. Bauer Pottery two handled vase by Matt Carlton. Metlox Manufacturing Company bear figurines. Kay Finch Ceramics cocker spaniel dog figurine. Franciscan ware Wild Bi girls The potteries la pattern pitcher.

Metlox Poppytrail covered tureen. Heath Ceramics pptteries canister. Environmental Ceramics chicken bakeware by Win Ng. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Main article: Studio pottery. Jean Manley peasant girl figurine. Sorcha Boru deer figurine. Freeman McFarlin burro figurines by Kay Finch. Beth Barton bug poteries figurines.

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Robert Simmons zebra figurines. Sascha Brastoff Merbaby figurine. Pottery Bi girls The potteries la the United States.

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